Aquarium Aid was established in 1997 to meet the ever-growing demand of aquarium maintenance and custom on-site design in the Adelaide market. We have been able to specialize in just that and now we boast over 120 regular customers. Whilst mostly corporate, we do cater for domestic aquariums as well.

Aquarium planning and development are part of our services and in the last few years we have been fulfilling the latest trend of Aquarium Hire.

We service aquariums all around Adelaide, from Gawler to Mt. Barker and from North Haven to Seaford.

Aquarium Aid is owned and operated by Alberto Giurelli. Although Australian born he spent most of his formative years in the heart of Europe, where he became obsessive about aquariums and their inhabitants at a very young age.

Working in the later years in the business and marketing field he gained extensive knowledge on what he believes to be the motor behind any business success: High quality customer service.

Alberto has spent years on research and development of the aquarium practice overseas as well as here in Australia giving Aquarium Aid the leading edge in the Adelaide market place.