Aquarium Aid offers a free in "house measure and quote" to shape your dream aquarium to your surroundings.

Although in the last few years aquarium manufacturers have been producing more diverse products, we believe that choices are still limited. That's why it's important to get the right advice when purchasing or hiring a fish tank.

Getting the size right if very important as well. We believe that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. It all comes back to balance of the environment and the harmony it's meant to create.

It's important to select the tank cabinet to match what goes in the tank. Backgrounds and internal decoration can sometimes clash too.

Location, location, location: Another important fact we need to take in consideration is exposure to natural light. In most cases we don't recommend direct sunlight, since this feeds undesired algae. Also aquariums are better placed away from heavy traffic areas to limit accidental mishaps.

Another underestimated factor when customizing your aquarium is that access for maintenance is vital. We see it over and over, where someone has put a tank in a wall or staircase without leaving any space for access. It's always hard to modify the setting to fix this.

So we take all of the above and more into consideration when looking at your project, trying to blend your ideas and imagination with our knowledge.