A large part of our portfolio is rental based. It's the latest trend, due to it's convenience and the range of small and medium sized aquariums available on today's market.

All tanks rented by Aquarium Aid are brand new, allowing you to choose the exact style to suit your environment and budget.

The huge advantage of hiring a tank is that you rent livestock, maintenance and all accessories. There is no capital outlay, which means that all you'll ever pay is your monthly rental. We replace the fish if required as well as the plants, and we supply appropriate fish foods and all accessories if needed.

The cost varies depending on the size and style of the aquarium and also according to what you want to live in it. Aquarium rental is very affordable and most aquariums can be designed at a specific budget.

When given the opportunity to quote your rental aquarium, we come to your premises and show you a comprehensive range of tanks and pictures of different livestock to suit your new aquarium. (Please refer to out Gallerypage for some examples.) It is at this point that you can be quoted a firm monthly cost. Then depending on stock availability we deliver and install the chosen aquarium.

The fish usually go in after at least a week and this is when you will be invoiced for the first time.

Regardless of what style of aquarium you want for yourself, or even if you choose a customized tank, we can arrange a rental package to suit in most cases.